Written by Administrator on March 6, 2021 in News

In early February 2021, 2 villages in Bandar Kedung Mulyo Subdistrict, Jombang Regency were inundated by floods due to a broken embankment. PT Seng Fong Molding Perkasa and PT Layo Seng Fong together with the employee union (SEKAR) carried out social actions to alleviate the grief of flood victims by raising funds for all employees. The funds collected amounted to Rp. 23,687,500 which will be distributed to flood victims in stages.

In the first phase, the donation was given in the form of 1000 plastic sacks to help stem the broken embankment in Bandar Kedung Mulyo. The second stage of logistical assistance in the form of staple food and vegetables was distributed to 2 public kitchens at the evacuation posts. The third stage is post-flood in the form of 200 basic food packages and cleaning tools for affected residents who have returned from the evacuation post.

Hopefully the donations that have been given can alleviate the grief of the victims affected by the flood.

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