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On September 28, an earthquake measuring 7.4 Richter scale was followed by a tsunami hit the western coast of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Areas affected by the earthquake are Palu, Sigi, and Donggala.

The earthquake centered at a depth of 10 km and occurred at 18.02 WITA for 3-7 minutes is causing a tsunami. The highest tsunami point was recorded at 11.3 meters, occurred in Tondo Village, East Palu. Whereas the lowest point was 2.2 meters, occurred in Mapaga Village, Donggala (Id.wikipedia.org, 2018).

As a result of earthquake, some time after the peak of the earthquake occurred symptoms of liquefaction (land disbursement) which took a lot of lives and material loss. The two most serious places to experience this disaster are Petobo Village and Balaroa National Park in Palu.


The National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB, 21/10) recorded 2,113 deaths, 4,612 people injured, and 1,309 people missing. 223,751 people were also still displaced in 122 points (Kompas, 2018).

To help earthquake and tsunami victims, PT Seng Fong Moulding Perkasa with Employee Federation (Serikat Karyawan) held a donation which began on October 4 to October 17, 2018. A prayer also held on Friday, October 12, 2018 after usual Friday prayer led.  Donation collected from all employees and company were 45,860,000 IDR. Hope the donations collected can alleviate the suffering of those suffering from natural disasters. Condolences to the victims, hopefully the family left behind is still given the fortitude, always strong and still enthusiastic.

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