Written by Administrator on August 24, 2018 in News

On 5 August 2018, a destructive earthquake measured 7.0 SR struck Lombok, Indonesia. The epicenter was known to be located 18 kilometers northwest of East Lombok or on the north-eastern slope of Mount Rinjani, at a depth of 15 kilometers. The aftershocks are likely to still occur for the next few months with the fluctuating tendency. (BMKG, 2018)

BMKG notify people to alert with aftershocks and ask them not to stay in buildings or houses that are easy to collapse. On 12 August, 515 people were confirmed dead (BNPB, 21/8/18). Authorities, however, warned that the death may rise.

As a concern for the earthquake victims in Lombok, PT Seng Fong Moulding Perkasa with the Serikat Karyawan (Sekar) conducted a fundraising solidarity action in the company. They install banners and put donation boxes in several spots in the company. Fundraising action is held for two weeks. Donation collected from all employees and company is 44.107.000 IDR will be donated via the website kitabisa.com. PT SFMP also held prayer for constantly earthquake in Lombok. A prayer held today (24/8) after usual friday prayer led by H. Sutrisno S.Ag. This solidarity action is expected to be able to increase a social spirit and humanity among the employees of PT. Seng Fong Moulding Perkasa and ease the burden of the earthquake victims.

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