Written by Administrator on December 16, 2022 in News

PT. Seng Fong Molding Perkasa held the Employee Gathering (EG) for the first time, the activity which lasted for two days was successful and lively.

The activity began with team building at the Grand Pujon View Hotel and ended with rafting activities on the Pujon river. In addition to increasing togetherness and teamwork, these activities can lighten the mood among employees. All employees of PT. Seng Fong Molding Perkasa who took part in the activity really enjoyed this EG moment.

The Employee Gathering that was held this time carried the theme One Team One Mission. This theme has an important meaning that team success is mutual success, PT. Seng Fong Molding Perkasa as a large organization like a ship, will not be able to move forward if each employee has a different way of rowing.

So that with the implementation of these activities, engagement between employees can increase and will have an impact on organizational productivity.


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