Our Quality

Our Commitment to Quality.

It is a never-ending commitment stretched from sourcing, processing, finishing, until packing.

Throughout each step of the supply chain and manufacturing, we enlist industrial laboratory equipment and precision facility machines. Together with our skilled and experienced workmanship, these help to ensure that our hardwood products meet international standards and satisfy our customers.

  1. Every log for our manufacturing undergoes watchful assessment and approval
  2. Quality checks at machine
  3. Climatic chamber
  4. Spectrometer
  5. Dry oven (waterbath)
  6. Taber abraser
  7. Vacuum pressure tank
  8. Heated flooring test
  9. Grading before packing
  10. Pre-shipment inspection assembly check

Devoted to quality.

These are the esteemed brands we use for our finished products:

KLUMPP: for UV and UV Oiled

KLUMPP products are environmentally friendly and non-hazardous. The KLUMPP UV coating offers optimal level of scratch resistance while maintains the desired glossiness and homogeneous look.

KLUMPP went one step further and developed UV Oils, for which combines the benefits of floors with natural oil finish and UV-hardened floors along with the scratch-resistance ability. Practical tests show that UV oils are considerably better suited for day-to-day use.

TT Wood Care: for Oiled

This is based on natural oil. It is friendly to the environment and the natural feel is still there.

GY Oiled: for Decking Oiled

This protects wood from humidity, insects, and sun light. It is a teak oil product based on special air-drying oil solvent. It has transparent and pastel color and can be used for exterior goods.