Industrial Parquet

Industrial Parquet is a very robust and economic. This parquet flooring is made of solid wood lamella laid side-by-side in an upright structure. It is designed to withstand the toughest loads. Due to its composition from narrower pieces allied with the high density of our Indonesian hardwoods, this wood flooring has a much superior mechanical strength, presents very limited dimensional variation and is very stable, hence the name of Industrial Parquet. All of the segments are laid alongside each other. Industrial Parquet is perfect for use where there is high traffic walking regardless in commercial buildings, residential buildings, shops, offices, restaurants, just to name a few.

The benefits of Industrial parquet includes:

• Cost Effective :
-Produced with wood pieces of various sizes thereby increasing considerably our production yield, which translates as cost efficient pricing to our customers permitting its utilization in a wide range of projects
– Similar material that is suitable for both commercial and residential projects

• Durable, Stable and Versatile :
– Higher mechanical face strength allowing all types of traffic.
– Very limited dimensional variation
– Total stability under point-pressure, e.g. very heavy furniture.
– No Tongue and Groove, can be sanded all the way down providing a longer lifespan.

• Environmentally-friendly :
– Produced using the full spectrum of sizes a tree provides and thus makes the best use of the prime material, avoiding waste.
– Its long lifespan due to durability enables a higher utilization cycle.