Written by Administrator on October 16, 2018 in News

Today (16/10/2018), one of the founder of PT Seng Fong Moulding Perkasa, Mr. Goh Ah Tee celebrated his 70th birthday. The celebration placed in the Conference room was carried out in a simple way with the attendance of employees from PT Seng Fong Moulding Perkasa, representatives from Kroya, and other founders. This year’s celebration is very different from the previous year because there is a unique gift from the employees to Mr. Goh Ah Tee.

The unique and interesting thing about Mr. Goh’s birthday this year is a dragon replica made of 8m long fruits and vegetables. The cake that is usually available on every celebration is replaced by fruits shaped 70 from watermelon with other fresh fruit around.

The dragon symbol was chosen because it became a symbol of strength and hope for the glory of the company.

The dragon replica was made on the night before and get many employees attention in seeing and taking pictures. There were also 3 fruit cones, 6 salad and rujak in a big portions and a few mini yellow rice cones.

Mr Goh’s bright face with a happy smile adorned the event. Everyone enjoys this celebration. Happy Birthday Mr. Goh, God bless!


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