Our Companies

SF Resources Holdings Pte. Ltd. is the investment holding company and headquartered in Singapore to manage the Group’s business activities in accordance to formal laws, its Corporate Governance, values and ethical standards. It also ensures that the Group remains relevant and competitive in the global market to ensure integrity and profitability returns to shareholders in a sustainable growth environment.

PT. Seng Fong Moulding Perkasa is the manufacturing arm located in Jombang, Indonesia. It is known today as one of the largest manufacturers of solid and hardwood flooring in the country. The factory covers 10.5 hectares and employs over 2,500 workers. This innovative facility is responsible for the manufacturing of the main line of Solid and Hardwood flooring, decking and housing component products. The facility incorporates office, log yards, and the area units of sawmill, kiln drying and conditioning, moulding, lamination, coating, frame saw and warehouse.
It offers a varied palette of tropical hardwoods to spoil customers for choice: core species Teak, Merbau, Sonokeling, as well as Albizia, Linggua, Mahoni, Rengas, Simpur and Torem. The main products are moulding and housing component such as, Flooring, Fingerjoint, Fingerjoint Laminate, Buttjoint Laminate, Parquet & Lamparquet, Decking, and Skirting. Today, we stuff an average of 120 to 150 containers a month.
The objective is to deliver only the best standard of process and quality:
• Assurance to bring legal and best quality raw materials
• Impeccable manufacturing process for efficiency in time and cost
• Best offering of finishing
• Constant focus on innovation with new technology and upgrades
• Strong governance towards safety and environment
• Provide customer service that exceeds customer expectations

SF Resources Marketing Pte. Ltd. was started in 2008 to conduct the sales and marketing activities of the Group. Its global network of valued clients cover more than 64 destinations worldwide, including Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, Russia and the Middle East. In China, there is an office and warehouse in Shanghai, and operation of retail stores and a factory in Dongguan. SF RESOURCES MARKETING continues to seek out new markets and opportunities, to bring Solid and Hardwood flooring products to new heights, and to achieve a greater success together with our customers and business partners.