Agent of Perhutani

SF Resources Group is proud to be the officially appointed Agent of Perhutani for Asia region.
Being recognized and awarded by Perhutani, which is a State-owned Forest Enterprises, is an accomplished attestation of the strong corporate governance, committed ethics and values, and the reliable capabilities of SF Resources Group.
With this strategic alliance, SF Resources Group is in an even stronger position to bring the following assurance to its clients:
• High reliability and continuity in the supply of wood material
• High quality and value of wood material
• Legal source of raw wood material, harvested from forests managed with sustainable principles
• FSC standard of certification available

About Perhutani

Perhutani is given mandate by the State of Indonesia to manage forests in Java and Madura.
It holds a very important role to ensure efforts to support environmental sustainability, and to maintain the continuous balance of
forest resources’ function, from the ecological, social and economic aspects.
Perhutani currently manages forest areas covering over 2.4 million hectares, consisting 1.75 million hectares of production forest area and
691,241 hectares of protected forest area. They currently employ 29,668 workers.
The flagship product of Perhutani is Teak (Tectona Grandis), which is 51% of Perhutani managed forest working area.
Perhutani itself contributes 28% of the world’s Teak production through its Teak plantation …more info